Our Analytics Solutions

Risk Analytics

To mitigate risk while increasing margins financial institutions need a good risk management based on data and analytics. With the help of years of experience in risk analytics, we deliver deep insights for our clients from both internal and external data, and help them enhance the future by uncovering the hidden opportunities.

This includes supporting services around risk and credit, including credit allocation, fraud detection, credit underwriting and debt collection. Besides, proper risk allocation is one of the most important tools in social wealth improvement.


Collection Analytics

While collection analytics is a part of risk analysis, it’s far more focussed on the behavioural data of customers besides all other internal and external data. This means that as well as using your data to assess risk, you can also use it to focus your debt collection and business development efforts. Using our collection analytics solutions, you can increase response rates to your contact attempts to your debtors, recovery amount and ROI for overdue invoices, reduce costs by optimising your activities, and decrease attrition by accurately predicting customer behaviour and taking proactive measures.

People Analytics

Over the years, Human Resources (HR) has evolved from being a single supporting department for businesses into something much more significant. The days of just handling ‘hiring and firing’ or ‘last in first out’ are gone, and now the HR department can play a much wider role in business success. Our people analytics service is designed to help you understand your workforce, their mindset and their behaviour in a much clearer way, and use that information to make better management decisions. By digging into your people insights, we can help you attract and hire the right people for your business, and create an HR strategy that will firm your culture and improve employee retention – saving you a lot of money in the long run.


In this fast-paced and competitive world, your business success often depends on how much you know about your customers. The best businesses understand their audience better than themselves and use that information to tailor everything they do.

Customer Analytics

Our customer analytics service is designed to do exactly that – giving you the competitive advantage you need to succeed. We help you to understand everything about your customers and use that information to predict their needs, even before the customer is aware of them.

Become a completely customer-centric business, and you will see all of your efforts bringing in higher ROI than ever before.